Zbigniew Blajerski

Zbigniew Blajerski studied under Jerzy Nowakowski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Native of Ustrzyki Dolne, a picturesque town in direct proximity to the mountains, he sculpts in numerous materials, predominantly in stone and wood. He also has significant achievements in ceramics and drawing and has held numerous exhibitions all over Poland. When not in his studio, he plays bass in a musical band comprised of, of course, five sculptors.

About me

I have been sculpting for over fifteen years, continuing the long-standing family tradition. My parents were my first commissioners and teachers, who embedded in me the passion to work in different materials.
My artistic vocabulary started then forming in their studio in Jaroslaw, Subcarpathia, but expanded during my studies under Jerzy Nowakowski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. I work in ceramics, wood, stone, metal, cast, and resin. Although independent, I still consult with my parents on certain artistic matters.
I am based in Cracow, Poland, where I hold a studio, get commissions, and realise my own artistic ideas and projects. Nothing brings me as much pleasure and satisfaction as my work, despite the efforts required.
The process of self-defining myself as an artist is equally a lesson of patience and the will for
self-betterment. I specifically adore ceramics, the material whose softness and flexibility allow to bring about my abstract ideas. Except ceramics though, I create in lime, oak, black oak, and walnut wood; stones such as carrara marble, rosso portugalo, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and granite. Again, my work in stone relates back to the smell of my parents’ studio.